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Trucking and Freight Broker Software

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In additon to Load/Truck Posting accounts, Truckstop also offers the following tools to help you manage and grow your business.

-37 million aging records on 7 million shippers provided by eCredit
-Monthly updates of days-past-term and numbers of reporting companies
-Authority and bonding information

All the tools you need to make informed business decisions is right at your fingertips at half the cost of other services.

-Access real time fuel costs for truckstops across North America
-Generate routes with fuel stops identified on route and fuel pricing updated every 30 minutes
-Get current and spot market rates by equipment
-Accumulate and generate fuel tax reports
-See rate trends for the last three years
-Understand your current rate negotiation strength

Save Thousands a year on fuel expenses! Negotiate Wisely with these Valuable tools

-Have your posted loads show up automatically on your company website
-Include sub-accounts, offices and agents
-Receive automatic updates to your site whenever change your load postings on Truckstop
-Show all of your together on with your own loads webpage

All of your loads everywhere accessible with one click.

Move more freight with WebMate!

-Reduce your risk of dealing with problem carriers
-Link to FMCSA and DOT to review information critical to the pre-qualification process
-Submit and access carrier complaints and compliments
-Monitor carriers and be alerted if insurance, authority or performance changes

Access information that gives you confidence in your carrier!

-Access state to state averages by equipment type
-Month over month rate trends
-Rate levels for last week, last month, last quarter and last year
-Calculate appropriate fuel surcharges
-Access current fuel costs per mile for any route
-See current market demands for trucks within 100 miles of any city

Trucking and Freight Broker Software

ITS Dispatch is a web based, inexpensive and easy Trucking or Freight Broker Software package that meets the needs of small and medium sized companies. There is nothing to buy, download or install and no computer upgrades required! Contact us today for additional details on the program and to set up your personalized demo.

Click Here for Canadian Truckstop Application

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Trucking and Freight Broker Software
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